A New Prospect

At Bábolna, a city with 230-year-old animal husbandry traditions, the poultry breeding activity has been recognised as world famous for more than half a century now. In recent years the upgrading within the fields of infrastructure as well as of research and development the geneticists of BÁBOLNA have selected the ELMA White and ELMA Brown, two hybrids, that will shortly become popular on the layer world market.

We have taken into consideration all experiences that we have gained throughout the past decades regarding market expectations. We have developed these hybrids that are able to adapt to the climate change, a factor having an increasingly significant impact recently.

At ELMA we focus in the selection to fulfill the dreams of all those involved in egg-production, that is to develop the ideal layer hybrids characterised by:

  •   an excellent egg production – exceptional laying performance
  •   outstanding feed conversion ration
  •   broken egg ratio kept to a minimum – maximal shell strength
  •   excellent liveability both in the rearing and laying period